Jennifer Mineer

Inspired by Ernst Haeckel’s drawings, this jewelry line explores the delicacy and flow of organisms in and around our oceans. Available in sterling silver, brass, and bronze.

Go with the flow



Handmade jewelry box: bubinga, ebony, brass

Second Love

I hesitate to make jewelry jealous, but I have a second love, and that is woodworking. While metal is lustrous and luminous, wood can contain chatoyance beyond my wildest dreams. It is a transformative thing to move between metal and wood. 
Lost Wax Casting

Lost Wax Casting

It begins with a wax carving. These waxes will eventually become metal. The wax is encased in a liquid plaster called investment that hardens quickly and can withstand very high temperatures.


Gravity Pours

Gravity Pours

Cuttlefish bone casting is an ancient technique that involves pouring molten metal directly into the carved bone. Sand casting is also very historic: it is the process of pouring metal into a carved cavity of sand.