Scenic Other Worlds

To make jewelry is to create adornment, which is an excellent task as adornment is all about the act of noticing. I love to look closely at the stones in my work before I set them into the jewelry, and more often than not now I also take a microphotograph. These images draw me into another world, where I see coral reefs and lush plains. I feel lucky to be able to explore the natural world in this way. 

Above is a macro image of Nambian pietersite.

I recently had a solo exhibition at the Mohr Gallery in Mountain View, California. The show featured jewelry and photographs of rocks. It was a lot of fun! Check out the work and a blog post with my Q&A here

These images here are brand new. Below is an image of Priday plume from the Richardson Ranch in Oregon.

I've also enjoyed turning the lens to the tiny blossoming flowers on my hikes. How alike the resemblance between the tiny flowers and the plumage in an agate.